LED for your Kitchen Cabinet Lighting 

Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is a key room in a home. It could be a very spirited place where the family gathers together. For this reason, in this post, we want to focus on cabinet lighting, which is a nice spot to place decorative lighting that can be extremely useful. As a result, you can have the perfect lighting when cooking at the same time you stand out the aesthetic of your place.

Mini C series for cabinet lighting

The Mini C series LED Spot Light is the first and one of our favorite options. First of all, the high-end design will complement the nice look of your kitchen. Not to mention, the spotlight will provide a beautiful lighting under your cabinet that casts a strongly focused beam capable of lighting up any wall or kitchen table.

This light is available in two LED colors. The first one, a Warm White (3000K) perfect for a cozy lighting design. And the second one, a Day Light White of (5000K) ideal for a vibrant lighting design. The natural colors of the sun are apparent and even with the blinds shut, it’ll seemingly be like there is daylight if you put enough of these lights in.

The Mini C Series goes perfectly with any contemporary lighting design. Additionally, its dimmable attribute will allow you to adjust the lighting. Consequently, you can create the perfect atmosphere you are looking for any time you want. This series comes in 2 watts, with an input of 12 VAC and an output of 90 lumens per watt. Also, you can choose between the white color design or the silver color design.


Motion Sensor always effective for cabinet lighting

Our second favorite option will be the Motion Sensor LED Light. This battery operated fixture is ideal for practical, smart, quick lighting use.

This is the right answer if you are looking for a super easy installation, no wiring needed, and motion sensor that will provide a good lighting in those busy moments in the kitchen. Just pass near it and the light will get activated.

You just need to open the product and stick it anywhere you need indoor lighting. Forget about the wires and the expensive installations, this is an easy, effective, eco-friendly solution that will provide you light just when it’s necessary.


Strip light, a practical option for cabinet lighting

This fixture has a sensor power button that makes it very functional once you install it under the cabinet. This design will allow to easily turn on the light when cooking or doing any culinary task.

If you want to replace any old-fashioned standard incandescent or halogen bulbs, this is the perfect option. With the LED Kitchen Strip Bar Light you will save up to 85% on energy, plus LED lighting has a longer lifetime.

This fixture is available in a color temperature of 5000K providing a Cool White LED light perfect for a crisp and invigorating lighting effect.

LED lighting for kitchen

CLC Series, perfect for elegant cabinet lighting

The Round Mini Under Cabinet LED Spot Lights delivers a beautiful stylish lighting for your kitchen. On top of that, it’s compact size make it perfect for minimalistic lighting designs.
This option is available in different LED colors (blue, warm white and cool white) As a result, you could choose if you want to have a creative, cozy or invigorating lighting design. All the LED Colors comes in 3 watts version, with an input of 85-265VAC and an output of 90 lumens per watt. Not to mention the CLC series is also available in a square design, it is basically the same high-quality technology in a square. Take a look at our website and check it out.

If you have any questions about your lighting give us a call, we have a team of experts ready to assist you to enlighten your space.

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Light up your thanksgiving celebration with these 5 LED options

Thanksgiving LED lights

Thanksgiving is one of the most important celebrations of the year. If you are as excited as us, you probably have everything ready for the decoration of your house. Here you will find our top 5 of the best-LED options for Thanksgiving decorations. As always, we want to offer you only the best lighting solution so you can have a magical lighting design in your spaces. Enjoy!

Favorite #1: LED Candles to enlight your Thanksgiving celebration

The very first favorite is the LED Candle Light – E12 Socket – Dimmable which has a decorative candle shape perfect to add a classical touch to a desk lamp, chandeliers, and wall lights. As a result, this option is ideal to boost the cozy ambiance of your decoration. On the other hand, we have the UL Listed LED Filament Candle Light which also provides a warm lighting design. Not to mention it has a dimmable quality that will allow you to adjust the intensity of the lighting everytime you need it.

Your safety is always a priority for us. With this in mind, it is especially important that with this LED Candle light bulbs you can achieve the perfect lighting design without putting your family and friends at risk by having real candles. With that said, we can move forward to our favorite number 2.


Favorite #2: Strip lights, a versatile option

The Indoor 5050 LED Strip Light. This option is a versatile fixture and we will tell you why. First of all, it is available in multiple LED color. Not to mention, there are two options one with RGB+White LED color and another one with Warm White+White. Additionally, the strip will allow you to have an even lighting decorating different spaces of your house. For example, table, doors, hallways, and much more.

Favorite #3: LED glass lightbulb, a classic lighting design

The LED Glass Globe Bulb represent the classic style of lightbulbs. It is the perfect combination of quality, efficiency, and elegant design. Its Warm White LED color makes it perfect for the warm tones that go along with the Thanksgiving season. Alternatively, we also have a wide variety of LED light bulbs. As a result, you will always find the perfect matching for you.

Favorite #4: LED Outdoor Strips and Neon lights

We are almost at the end of our list, and we can not forget about the outdoor spaces of the house. For this matter, the LED rope lights and the LED Neon Flex lights represent an outstanding option.

The LED Outdoor Strip is a super versatile option for exterior lighting designs. This fixture is rated as “dust tight” and protected against immersion (IP67 rated). Not to mention it is available in a beautiful variety of LED colors. Highly recommended for accent and mood lighting in outdoor spaces.

Similarly, we love the LED Neon light for holiday seasons. Available in 11 mm and 15 mm wide, totally waterproof and ideal for creative lighting designs. If we will have to choose one of the LED colors of the LED Neon lights it will be for sure yellow. However, it is also available in red, blue, white and green.

Thanksgiving season

Favorite#5: LED options for home entrance

In our last but not least option we want to give you a great summary of all the options we have for the entrance of your lovely home. Get as creative as you want because at Poli LED we always have the best on LED lighting solutions.

We are thankful for this 17 years of business full of special clients like you. With this in mind, we want to thank you for your trust and your good vibes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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High Power LED Rigid Strip Light

LED lighting, commercial lighting, module sign lighting

We all know how important is to have the perfect lighting in commercial spaces. Not to mention how successful can become your business when you have the right image and the perfect marketing strategy. This last one, in multiple occasions goes hand in hand with light boxes, window lighting, and other advertising tools. Our product of the month is one of kind high-quality lighting solution for all these matters.

The High Power LED Rigid Strip Light is perfect for:

LED module, commercial lighting, store lighting, window lighting

  • Stores
  • Windows
  • Cabinets
  • Under cabinets
  • Bookshelf
  • Lightboxes
  • Backlighting
  • Advertising purpose


Let’s start with the fact this lightbar delivers a smooth, flawless illumination without visible bulbs or hot spots. On top of that, the Cool White LED color, make it the perfect lighting fixture for an invigorating lighting design. Not to mention, its rigid design makes it perfect to fit in these spaces. On top of that, it is available in different lengths. If you want to find out more specifications about this great lighting fixture, click here.

LED module, commercial lighting, store lighting, window lighting

We also we’ll like to remind you of so many other LED Sign Modules we have available for you. With RGB capabilities, the best certifications, different LED chip sizes and a wide range of output options.

Some of our favorites are:

High Power LED Single Module Lights – UL Certified


LED module, commercial lighting, store lighting, window lighting

  • 50,000+ Guaranteed LED Lifetime Hours
  • LED Color: Cool White (8000K)
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Available in: 1.32 Watts
  • LED modules encased
  • Input: 12 Volts
  • IP65 rated
  • SMD3030
  • UL certified
  • RoHS approved


LED module, commercial lighting, store lighting, window lighting

SMD3030 LED Modules – UL Certified


LED module, commercial lighting, store lighting, window lighting

  • LED color available: Cool White (6000K)
  • 50,000+ Guaranteed LED lifetime hours
  • LED chip size: SMD3030
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • 125 lumens per module
  • Completely waterproof
  • Constructed with PVC
  • 20 pieces per module
  • Beam angle: 160°
  • RoHS approved
  • UL certified
  • IP67 rated
  • 12 Volts


LED commercial lighting, store lighting, module lighting


SMD5730 White LED Modules – UL Certified


LED module, commercial lighting, store lighting, window lighting

  • LED chip size: SMD5730
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Completely waterproof
  • Constructed with PVC
  • 12 Volts/0.6W
  • IP65 rated
  • UL certified
  • RoHS approved
  • 125 Lumens per piece
  • 3 LED chips per module
  • LED colors available: Cool White (6500K and 9000k)
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Creative LED lighting for offices

Creative LED lighting for offices spaces is a very interesting topic. First of all, nowadays is very common to find smart companies that want to invest in a friendly, pleasant space for their team. We all know that the happier your workers are, the better the job gets done. On top of this, we have to remember that successful companies are all about quality, even if you have to give a couple of minutes to your team to get refreshed.

An office is a place that represents a bunch of hours in an indoor environment probably seated most of the time. One of the things that have been very important in this matter is to create spaces where people can meet with their coworkers. Or peaceful spaces where they can relax and organize their ideas. Its crucial for them to have a moment to disconnect their minds, clear their thinking and come out with great ideas and solutions.

At the end of the day, having a creative LED lighting for offices doesn’t mean to make something huge or expensive. Just apply some tricks with these affordable products and your office will turn into a very creative place.

Let’s start with the classic lighting options with a twist of creative!

T8 Tubes, perfect for creative LED lighting for offices

ETL Certified T8 LED Tube Lights – Clear cover

This option is highly recommended because, even though it’s a classical LED T8 tube, the Daylight White LED color takes the product to a whole new level. The LED temperature you choose for your space will affect the mood and the effectiveness of the staff. Take a look at this article so you can get more details and choose wisely.

UL Certified T8 LED Tube Lights. Frosted Cover

This T8 LED Tube delivers a bright light to your space. First of all, it has a UL Certification. As a result, you will get better lighting, better quality, and better warranty. This light is the perfect fixture to replace traditional fluorescent tubes. Not to mention it is available in Daylight White and Warm White LED colors. Consequently, you can choose if you want a vibrant or a cozy lighting design.

Motion Sensor LED T8 Tube

By far, one of our favorite products. On top of all the benefits of LED lighting, this fixture will save you even more money with the dimmable feature. When the light is not needed it will dim itself down to 5 watts of power output but while in use it will go back up to 18 watts of power output. This is basically the best solution to cut down on electrical cost and maintenance required for the tubes. As a result, this is a perfect lighting for a placid space where people are not going to expend the whole day but a few minutes to relax.

By the other hand, if you want to fill your space with contemporary, high-end lighting solution you need to know about this product:

The Boxed LED series

The Eco-Friendly Boxed LED Ceiling Spot Lights is a good option for Creative LED lighting for offices. First of all, the light is encased in a metal box. As a result, you will have a contemporary look on your ceiling. Second of all, it has the ability to move 360 degrees at a 45-degree angle. And third of all, you get to choose up to 3 spotlights per box. Consequently, your lighting design will be free of limitations as this fixture can fully provide a beautiful illumination to your space.

Also, remember you can mix lighting fixtures for creative designs. For example, you can put together the boxed series with some strip lights, as you can see in this image.

LED strip lights, a must for a creative LED lighting for offices

The LED Strip Lights are one of the most versatile products. They are perfect for different spaces. When we talk about offices, they can be the ideal fixture to have a creative space in your workspace.

LED Strip lights are available in Cool White, Daylight White, Warm White, RGB, blue, green, and more LED colors. You can also control them by remote.
For example, see how just a regular Indoor 5050 LED Strip Light with warm white LED color can create such a modern and different environment in your workplace. Not to mention the adhesive backing for easy installation. With this product, you just have to simply peel and stick.

office design creative Office Design interior color wall paint home colors ideas idea modern best about

By the end of the day, after seeing all these creative LED lightings ideas there are no excuses to have amazing lighting designs in your office. If you have any question, we have a team of expert in our showroom ready to help you with your lighting design. You can also pass by the website and take a look at all the options we have.

If you are in South Florida and don’t want to pick up or install your products, we offer you the installation and delivery service.

On top of that, if you don’t want to move from your office, that’s ok, we know you are a busy person, schedule a free on-site analysis and we will tell you everything you need.


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LED for kids room

LED for Kids Room is an article which goal is to help you find the perfect lighting for the room of your mini-me. If there is a room with a multiple and wide range of uses that could be the kid's room. First of all, its highly probably that you will change the decoration of this room every once in a while as your kids keep growing up. The lighting design can help a lot in this matter. However, having a creative, versatile lighting design doesn't mean to spend tons of money. You details can make it by yourself with these super simple, affordable high-quality products we want to share with you.

Classical LED for kids room

The first option we want to bring to the table will be the dimmable ceiling lights. First of all, these products are very classic, simple, very resistant and highly-efficient. The most important quality is that you can adjust the intensity of the lighting anytime you need. This option is very important, especially by the end of the day when is time to sleep and you are going to read a story to your kids and you want the light to be subtle. On top of that, these fixtures are available in Daylight White LED color perfect to recreate beautiful, natural daylight. So forget about dark, sad rooms if you are not having a nice window. You can get that beautiful daylight with these products. And last but not least, all of these products have all the benefits of LED technology.

C Series LED Recessed Ceiling Light

This series is available in square and round shape. It's very resistant and has 5 years of limited warranty. On top of that, it has a Power Factor (PF) higher than 90. As a result, you will be saving a lot of energy and money with this fixture. Take a look at all the right here.

S Series Slim Recessed Ceiling Light

If you have a minimalistic interior design in your house, then this is the perfect option for the kid's room. These lights will appear as if embedded into your ceiling walls with no disruption. The slim ceiling light is very affordable, yet this sleek and high-end light is the perfect option for a smart, eco-friendly and modern lighting solution.


Creative LED for kids room

Getting creative with the decoration of your kid's room is a must. With this in mind, we have brought special RGB solutions. Let's take a look at them:

The LED Remote Control Globe Light – E27 Socket

This product will allow you to have different tones of green, blue, red and more colors. On top of that, you get to decide if you want any special effect, like flash lighting, smooth lighting and much more. You can get a super cool kids room starting at only $12. Click here and find all the of this cool, creative lighting solution.

The Indoor 5050 LED Strip Light

Another great product for creative lighting in a kids room would be for sure the strip lights. This cool fixture is available in a wide range of LED colors. Additionally, it has an adhesive backing. As a result, the installation process is very simple. This lighting solution will easily last you 50,000+ hours on average. Additionally, this product has a limited warranty of 1 year. This is the perfect option if you want to have beautiful lighting design, save energy and money while you take care of the environment.

Contemporary and modern LED for kids room

The Eco-Friendly Boxed LED Ceiling Spot Lights

If you prefer more of a modern lighting design then you should go with the LED box series. This is an amazing option for indoor lighting design. First of all, the light is encased in a metal box. Second of all, it has the ability to move 360 degrees and at a 45-degree angle. And third of all, you can get up to 3 spotlights per box. As a result, you lighting design will be free of limitations because this fixture can fully illuminate any interior space with bright lighting. On top of that, the boxed design is a total plus for your decoration.

LED Track lights

Another contemporary lighting solution will be the track lights. In this category, we will recommend for your kid's room either the Mini LED Track Light or the Remote Controlled Black LED Track Light. The first option represents a classical track lighting fixture and the second option can be adjusted by remote control. You can choose from warm white to cool white anytime you want. And dim the intensity of light for your kid's room anytime you need.

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Why is the LED Tri-Proof Lamp a best seller?

The best seller of the month is our LED Tri-Proof lamp. This light is a very resistant and high efficient lighting solution. For this reason, this product is the perfect fixture for a commercial and industrial project. Take a look at all the good stuff you can enjoy when you have an LED Tri-Proof Light in your space.

UL Certification

This product has been approved by Underwriters Laboratory, the world leader in product safety testing and certification. As a result, when you buy a product like this one, you can be confident it will pass all legal requirement for your projects.

IP65 and IK10 rated 

This fixture is waterproof and has protection against contact and dust. On the other hand, the IK10 property makes this product very resistant to heavy impacts. For all these reasons, our LED Tri-Proof lamp has an incredibly durable and long lasting capacity. Perfect for areas with a high population like subways and train stations, hospitals or schools. Basically, any space that requires high-quality lighting.

Highly resistant to temperature variations

This lamp can perfectly operate in temperatures between -20°C to 40°C. As a result, is perfect for places with extreme weather condition. This LED product has been developed specially to withstand water, dust and corrosion impacts.

Powerful lighting and the perfect LED color

A great feature of this product is the high output of 90 lumens per watt. This means you will have a powerful lighting between 4,500 – 5,400 lumens, depending on the wattage option you choose. On top of that, the Cool White LED color provides the perfect color temperature for security purpose in public areas that need strong, vibrant lighting. And last but not least, the LED Tri-Proof light has a Color Rendering Index higher than 80 (CRI>80). For this reason, the colors will look more vivid under this exceptional light.

A wide range of applications, the LED Tri-Proof Lamp is a versatile product

This LED lighting solution is a high-quality product that can be used in different locations. We highly recommend it for subway stations, parking lots, schools, hospitals, hallways, stairwells and more. This product is ideal for any place where resistant, powerful security lighting is required. Our LED Tri-proof Light has a nice variety in mount options. For this reason, you can mount this fixture in different places like wall mounting installation or suspensions.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting

The LED Tri-proof Lamp has a power factor higher than 90. As a result, when you buy this product you get a lighting solution that only wastes 10% or less of the energy on the heat. Additionally, this fixture has all the distinguished benefits of LED technology. That’s why you will save up to 80% on energy costs. Consequently, you will be saving money and you will be a responsible citizen of our planet. Which is very important these days.

Long lifespan and great warranty

This product has the best certifications. That’s why we are confident to offer you 5 years of limited warranty and 50,000+ guaranteed LED lifetime hours. Unlike the old lighting option like the traditional fluorescent tubes, the LED Tri-proof Light do not require ballast and starter to operate. In conclusion, you can forget about maintenance when you choose smart LED lighting.

Want to see more details? Click here and find all the info in our website!
Have any question? Give us a call, our team of experts is ready to help you out!
You can also take a look at all the new services we have for you, enjoy! 

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Poli LED has new services for you!


At Poli LED, customers are our number one priority. That is why we love to make them feel appreciated. With this in mind, we are improving our services all the time. This year we incorporated three important services for our community. Let’s take a look at what Poli LED has new for you.

Free On-site analysis

The on-site analysis is one of the most important services we offer to our customers. It consists of a visit by one of our experts to analyze the lighting design of your place. And c-mon let’s be honest, with so many products available a little bit of help is always welcome. Especially if its free. When you schedule an on-site visit by the end of the analysis, you will know:

  • How much are you spending on lighting right now?
  • Which LED products can replace the ones you have?
  • How much will you save with LED technology?
  • Helpful tips and recommendations for your lighting design. If you have an idea, we will make it happen!

We highly recommend taking a free on-site analysis if:

First of all, if you already have a lighting design and you want to switch to LED technology. These experts will help you out to find the perfect products. As a result, you will get powerful lighting for less money.

Second of all, if you have a brand new project, let’s say a commercial project. This visit will give you all the info you need. At the end of the onsite analysis you will also know:

And the most important thing. If it is a commercial project we will only offer you certificated products as UL, ETL and DLC products. As a result, you can be sure your products will pass the requirements of the law.

And last but not least! It is a great idea to have a lighting analysis if you just want to save money and energy. If you want to enjoy a nice lighting design that will last for years. But you don’t have any idea about where to start. We are glad to help! Call us today, forget about all the confusion and schedule your free on-site analysis.

Delivery services

We are happy to announce to our customers we are having a special delivery service for all of our clients in South Florida. Not only, you can order online and get your stuff as soon as possible right at the door of your house or business. But orders over $1,000 get free shipping. Additionally, is highly probably you will get them the same day if you are in certain areas. Don’t miss this great chance, call us and schedule your delivery service.


Installation services by Poli LED experts

So here we are! You know what you need, you order it, and the installation moment is here. If you are a busy person or you are not that much into lighting, this service is perfect for you. Schedule your installation service and the specialists of our cool team will be right there to do the job for you. Forget about everything, sit back and relax! Afterall, some free time is very appreciated these days.

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The LED light bulbs represent the classic lighting design with the best lighting technology. Here at Poli LED we offer you a super wide variety of LED light bulbs. Take a look at this article and find RGB options, dimmable light bulbs, glass bulb designs, different socket styles, a variety of LED color temperatures, and much more. First of all, let’s start with the very basic.

The E26 – E27 socket, the classic style of LED light bulbs

In this category, you will find all the standard 120-volt American base (E26) which have 26 mm in diameter. Additionally, this category also includes the European variant (E27), which have 27 mm in diameter. The letter E before a number indicates it’s an Edison bulb. In the final analysis, an E26 bulb can fit in an E27 base with no problem and vice-versa. With this in mind, let’s explore our customer’s favorites:

The LED Globe Bulb – E27 Socket – Dimmable

This light bulb represents a mix between quality, efficiency and classic style. Its beautiful design reminds us of the classic globe bulb shape. For this reason, we highly recommend this fixture for bedroom, livingrooms, offices and even businesses spaces. On top of that, the dimmable quality allows you to adjust the intensity of your light anytime you need. Not to mention there is also a beautiful option in glass material if you want to create a traditional lighting design.

LED Remote Control Spot Light – E27 Socket

This fixture is a great combination of quality and creative lighting. Firstly, the RGB quality represents a must if you want to add a touch of color to your indoor spaces. Additionally, it has a remote control full of LED color options so you can choose the one you like the most, anytime you need.

ETL & UL certificated

If you are a wholesaler or maybe you are working on a commercial project, we highly recommend choosing ETL or UL certificated products. Equally important you get a better warranty on this type of products. Take a look at this list and find the best-LED light bulbs with the highest commercial use certifications.

Empty neutral grey room with ornamental white vases and three down lights illuminating the wall, good architectural background for furniture placement

The MR16 Socket

This socket is widely used for LED track lights and LED ceiling spotlights. The fixture has a diameter of 50mm and they are available in different LED color temperatures. Furthermore, this product has dimmable capabilities.

MR16 LED Spot Light

The MR16 LED spotlight delivers a beautiful touch of light for your space. It is available in classical warm white for intimate lighting designs and cool white perfect to create an invigorating ambiance. On top of that, there is a wide selection of LED colors (blue, green, yellow and red). Not to mention, it has 90 lumens per watt and a reflector that amplifies the light into a tight angle. As a result, this fixture is the perfect option for indoor minimalistic spotlighting.

MR16 LED Spot Light – Ceramic Shell, a beautiful lighting solution

This MR16 option is ideal for a high-end interior design. Its ceramic shells provide a delicate and contemporary touch and the differences LED colors are perfect to match your modern interior design. It has an input of 12VDC and an output of 90 lumens per watt. Equally important, this light as all of our products, is RoHS and CE approved.

interior of fashion store in shopping mall

GU10 Socket

The GU10 socket is commonly used for household high voltage spotlight. In the same way, this fixture is very popular for track lights, rail-lamps, and several ceiling lamps. The GU10 fitting is 2 pin and 10mm apart. Just remember, this socket only works with GU10 bulbs.

LED Spot Light – GU10 Socket – Dimmable – UL Certified

This LED spotlight represents one of the best options with GU10 socket. The fixture has been approved by Underwriters Laboratories, who is the world leader in product safety testing and certification. On top of that, you get dimmable quality. Equally important, this light is available in 6 and 7.5 watts. All the options with Cool White LED color. As a result, is perfect for an uplifting lighting design.

At Poli LED we always offer to our customers only the best in lighting solutions. If you want to see more options for LED light bulbs, click here and take a look at the nice variety of E12, G14, and G9 sockets we have for you. 

All these LED fixtures have been designed to replace old technologies like halogen or incandescent bulbs. When you incorporate LED in your lighting design, you start having a smart and eco-friendly product inside of your space. As a result, you will be saving up to 90% of energy and a lot of money. Click here to see all the benefits of LED lighting. 

We are the future on lighting that’s why all our products have lifetime hours guaranteed. We also offer installation services and free on-site analysis, just in case if you need help finding the perfect LED solution for your space. Call us today (305) 468 89 86 or pass by our showroom at 1574 NW 108th Ave, Miami, FL 33172,  and start living the future with Poli LED your premier lighting store.

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5 products to create the coolest game room

We are on Friday vibes mood! With this in mind, we want to share with you a bunch of cool game room ideas. Here, you will find the most outstanding products to have the perfect creative atmosphere. The best part? Our prices are unbeatable.

The Game Room lighting category is a cool category that has only the best for innovative LED lighting. Let’s take a look at the products we have for you and how they can help you to have the game room of your dreams.

Indoor 5050 LED Strip Light, the classic option for a game room

The strip lights are a classic one when we talk about ingenious lighting. In this case, we recommend the Indoor 5050 version because it offers a wide variety of LED color temperatures. You can choose between blue, purple, RGB, White, RGB+White and more.

On top of this, the SMD5050 chips make this product a super bright lighting solution. This light doesn’t have any silicone. As a consequence, the colors look brighter and more vivid. All things considered, strip lights are a must for game room lighting.

Blue and White LED Ceiling Lights, perfect for a game room with contemporary design


The blue and white LED ceiling lights are excellent if you want to have both a creative and a traditional lighting in your room. You can switch from blue lighting to white lighting and you can even have both if you want.
These LED ceiling lights are available in a round and square shape. They are unique because of their glowing blue surround creates a blue hue in your living space. You can cycle between the different lighting modes by turning the light on and off.
You can find them in a wide range of watts and with a Color Rendering Index higher than 80%. In other words, the colors will look more vivid under this amazing light.


Adjustable Round Ceiling Spot Lights, the classic option for an elegant game room

The LED Adjustable Ceiling Spot Lights delivers a beautiful type of lighting for your space. This light is perfect for minimalistic lighting designs.
The spotlight throws out a beam of light to illuminate an object with hard lighting. This beam is visible from an outside perspective and looks very stylish. In addition, the adjustable head allows you to point it in any direction providing perfect lighting for areas such as an art display, walls, showcases and more.

This product is way too smart. With these track lights and the remote control, you can adjust all the fixtures in one room.
First of all, you can regulate the dimming and brightness of your track lights. As a result, you can control the intensity of your lighting design anytime you need it. Second of all, this product allows you to switch from one LED color to another one with just one touch. You get to choose between warm white, daylight white and cool white any time you need it. And if you want you can install up to 4 groups of track light in the same room, assign a different light temperatures to each of them and switch it any time you need it. Just remember the remote is not included, click here to find it.


2×2 – LED Panel Light – UL Certified – Dimmable

This fixture has all the benefits of classic LED panel lighting plus the dimmable option. As a result, you can adjust the intensity of your lighting any time you need it. This panel light is perfect for game rooms in offices. On top of that, it has a UL certification that allows you to use it in all commercial projects with no worries.

Coworkers playing a foosball table in an office.
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Portable lighting hero: The Rechargeable LED Flood Light

Every weekend is perfect for an outdoor celebration with our family and friends. With this in mind, we want to introduce you a great, highly efficient product. The portable lighting hero: The Rechargeable LED Flood Light. But why is this LED light so great?

Let’s take a look at all the assets it has and approve it by yourself:

Strong lumen output

This light has a high-quality LED chip. As a consequence, you get a night enlighted with the best lighting technology.

Different watt options

At Poli LED we offer you several watt options to match your lighting necessity. The LED Rechargeable Floodlight is available in 10 watts, 30 watts, and 50 watts.

A broad spectrum of use

The portable lighting hero is perfect for different situations. For example emergency road lighting, car repairing, road trips, camping, exploration trips, fishing and other adventures. It basically works almost anywhere.

IP65 rated

Don’t worry about the weather, your LED Rechargeable Light is totally waterproof.

The portable lighting hero is easy to carry, handle & stand

This LED light is perfect to be carried from one place to another. It’s cushioned carry handle is a nice solution that allows you to take it anywhere.

Large capacity & rechargeable quality

This LED portable light provides a powerful lighting for up to 4 hours in one charge. You can charge it more than 500 times and the battery is already included.

Outstanding free warranty

This type of LED light is built to last. It has a 50,000+ Guaranteed LED lifetime hours and 1 year of limited warranty.

Resistant construction & cool design

Its practical, bright yellow frame is strong enough for outdoor adventures. At the same time, the bright color gives it a cool touch and make it easy to spot it. We just want to make sure that after all the fun you don’t forget your light in the middle of the forest.

Energy efficient

Yes, this is a great property of all LED product. But did you know that with a 10 watts rechargeable LED light, you get the same amount of light than with a 100 watts halogen bulb? As always, save money and energy with our LED technology.


This portable lighting hero has the CE marking. As a result, this product has met all the requirements of health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

RoHS approved

This product has been approved by The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS). Consequently, we can declare our product is free of harmful stimulants and has a positive impact towards the environment.

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